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Notice 16/21

Dear Parents and Students (STDs. 5 to 10)

Do take note of the following :

1) 31st August 2021(Tuesday) is a holiday for school on the occasion of Dahi Handi celebrations.

2) 6th September 2021 is Teachers day online celebrations at SXBA from 9 am onwards. All are welcome to join in these celebrations on the Assembly GC of every class.

3) School fees for the first term of the academic year 2021-2022 is due. You are reminded to pay the half yearly fees latest by 30th August 2021.

4) There will be regular online classes on 30th August 2021(Monday).



SXBA School Annual Report 2020-2021 Secondary Section

Notice 15/21

Dear Students and Parents (Secondary section)

Take note of the following :

1) 15th August 2021 is a non instructional working day. The flag hoisting ceremony in school by Fr. Blaise sj is at 8.15am. Only a limited number of adults are permitted entry into the school premises for the flag hoisting ceremony. Classwise program of the Independence day celebrations will be held online on this day for all students of STDs. 5 to 10 from 9 am onwards in the Assembly GCs. ATTENDANCE IS COMPULSORY.

2) 16th August 2021 is a holiday for school on the occasion of Parsi New year. We wish all our Parsi students and their families a very happy new year.

3) 17th August 2021onwards regular online classes for STDs.5, 6, 7, 8 & 10.

Students of std.9 will have their first Unit Test paper for Maths II and Science II on this day.

Std.7 students to be prepared by their class teachers and house coordinators for the election procedure since this is the first time they will be participating in an election procedure in the secondary section.

The election online will be held at 1 pm on 17/8/2021 as per the schedule.

4) 19th August 2021 is a holiday for school on the occasion on Muharram. We pray for our Muslim students and their families on this day.



On the eve on 75th Independence Day of India Master SPARSH GAURAV SAGWEKAR of Std. 7 met Shri SANJAY RAUT an MP of  Maharashtra in the Rajya sabha who is also the Executive Editor of Marathi newspaper Saamana and presented to him the money he had saved for Raksha Bandhan to be donated to the people of Konkan facing the severity of the nature. Sparsh's small gesture has set an example of how even a small contribution towards a good cause can go a long way. A very Proud Moment and a noble gesture too. 🇮🇳 Jai Hind Jai Maharashtra

Notice : Secondary Section - Scholarship Exams

8:26 En die do. VELTE 71% 6 PREEMA NORONHA OF ... 1 minute ago Maharashtra Govt. 022-2415242 E-mail: sx Shian / Watch Mashi - Daradhyavritti Yo / Daba / 2029/1882 Dated: 11 August 2021 per, All Headmasters / Directors, Private Aided / Unaided / Self-Aided, All Board Schools. Greater Mumbai. South Division. Subject: Regarding the cancellation of Pre-Upper Primary Scholarship (E.5V) and Pre-Secondary Scholarship (E.8B) examinations dated 12 August 2021. References: - Ma. Letter No. Shiusan / Madhya-5 / Scholarship 2021/6439 dated 11th August 2021 from Deputy Director of Education, Mumbai Division, Mumbai. In connection with the above letter from the Deputy Director of Education, Mumbai Division, Mumbai, it is informed that the pre-Upper Primary Scholarship Examination (E.5Yo) and Pre-Secondary Scholarship Examination (E.8V) to be held on 12th August 2021 are being canceled. All concerned should be informed about this immediately. che (Devidas Pt. Mahajan) Education Inspector South Division, Brihanmumbai Prat: 1. Ma. Deputy Director of Education, Mumbai Division, Mumbai 2. Ma. Commissioner, Maharashtra State Examination Council, Pune

Secondary Section - Scholarship Exams Circular.pdf

Notice 13/21

ONLINE UNIT TEST STD. 9 & 10 from 9th August 2021 to 17th August 2021.

Dear Parents (STDs.9 & 10)

This notice is sent specially to you requesting and reminding you to be our collaborators as SUPERVISORS when we will conduct our first unit test online for STDs.9 & 10 from 9th August 2021 onwards as per the time table given to the students and displayed on the school website too.

Parents you are requested to watch over your son while he is attempting the unit tests everyday. The way your son performs in this test and his result will enable us teachers to know how much he has understood of the portion taught by us online so far.

The students have been instructed of all rules pertaining to this test. All you have to do is to make sure he is present and punctual to do these tests since he is in your custody now.

Encourage him to study regularly, attempt all the questions asked and give his very best without any stress.

However if your son fails to follow any of the instructions given by the teacher and does not submit his test when instructed to do so, he may stand to lose his marks at this Unit test.

Make sure that the internet connectivity in your homes and the gadgets he requires are charged and in working order as these tests will not be repeated.



Notice 9/21

Attention Std.9 students

We have just now received a circular from the Education Department informing us that the Maharashtra State scholarship exam date has been changed to 12/8/2021. Hence kindly take note of the following :

1) Your Unit test will commence on 9th August 2021 as per the original time table. You will have English and Geography tests on this day.

2) The unit test which was scheduled for 12th August 2021 ie for Maths II and Science II will now be held on 17th August 2021.

Please take note of this change and prepare yourselves accordingly.




Attention : Std.9 students - change in the time table of the first Unit test.

1) First UT scheduled for std 9 on Monday 9th August 2021 for English and Geography is rescheduled for Tuesday 17th August 2021 as some of the std.9 students will be appearing for the Maharashtra State Scholarship Exam on 9/8/2021. Kindly take note of this change.

2) Hence on Monday 9/8/2021 std 9 will have regular online classes as usual.



Notice 8/21

Dear parents STDs. 5 to 10.

You are requested to take note of the following:

1) A revised time table for Graded subjects is prepared for STDs.5 to 8. Do look up the school website for details.

2) STDs.9 & 10 will have their first Unit test starting from 9th August 2021 to 13th August 2021. The time table for the same will be displayed shortly on the school website.

3) The subject teachers will communicate to the students of std. 9 & 10 the details of the unit test ie. the portion, mode of exam, paper pattern etc. Hence students are instructed not to miss out on any classes for any reason whatsoever. You may contact your subject teachers in case of queries regarding the same.

4) On 31st July 2021 there will be a common feast day mass celebrated online for all Jesuit institutions this being a special year called the IGNATIAN YEAR. Allour parents and students of SXBA are invited and welcome to participate in this eucharist celebration. The mass link will be sent to you on the school website as and when we receive it.

5) A reminder to parents to pay the school fees by Monday 26/7/2021. Since our school has no other source of revenue or income it is only through the school fees received from you parents that the expenses of the school including the salary of our teachers are met. Hence you are all reminded to pay the school fees of your children according to the fee circular sent to you by our Manager in the month of June 2021.




:01 E m (LE LTE 186% SB - Exam - 2-4326-2021 ... 4 Disclosure as per Government Resolution dated 28th May, 2021 and 24th June, 2021 through Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education etc. The Common Entrance Test (CET) is being conducted in the entire state for the 11th admission. It has been closed from 21/07/2021. For the students registered with the Board for the Secondary School Leaving Certificate (E.10th) Examination of the State Board for the year 2021, the application forms for the common admission fair will be held on Monday 26.07.2021. The facility of filling online from is being made available again from 3.00 pm. This facility is finally available on 02.08.2021 (11.59 pm). To access the CET portal on the Board's website The facility has been made available. The following information has to be entered in order to fill the application form in the computer system. 6) E-mail ID (if available) 7) It is mandatory to update the old mobile number or register a new one. 8) Medium of Examination, If the student chooses the option of Semi English, he will have English medium for the questions of English, Mathematics and Science, however the student has to decide a medium for the subject of Social Sciences (History and Political Science, Geography). 2) For this examination, the student has to determine the district and taluka / city division (WARD) to get the examination center according to the address of his temporary permanent residence. 10) Students who have registered SEBC category while filling up the application form for E.10V will have to choose open category or EWS category as per the amended provision of the government. As above, first the necessary information should be fixed and then the application form for the common entrance examination conducted for E.11B admission should be filled. Students who have completed the entire process from 20.07.2021 to 21.07.2021 and submitted their application to the Board for the Common Entrance Examination will be given their application details along with the previous Application No. and the mobile number registered while filling the application form. Can be viewed on the above website. Candidates who have submitted perfect application during this process do not need to re-apply 17 1/2 2/2. However, if the details of the candidates who could not complete the process are not available on the website, they will have to submit a new application. The board has already provided helpline facility to the students, parents and other concerned parties regarding the common entrance test. Details are available on the board's website. State Secondary School Leaving Certificate (E-10th) Students who have passed / entered before 2021 and students of CBSE, ICSE and other boards will have to pay the fee for the common entrance examination. For this, payment gateway facility will be provided. Therefore, the process of filling the application form of such students will be on Wednesday. It is being made available from 3.00 pm on 28.07.2021. Details will be reported separately. However, students, parents and other stakeholders should take note of this. Bygeples 25/07/2021 (Dr. Ashok Bhosale) Secretary, Board of State, Pune,

In honour of our Kargil Martyrs

SSCCET exam-2-4264-21072021.pdf

SSC EXAM (2020-2021)RESULTS ONLINE on 16/7/2021 at 1pm.

The announcement of the SSC results by the SSC Board Vashi ONLINE is tomorrow Friday 16th July 2021at 1pm. Students may check their results with the help of their SSC Board seating no. On the following websites : or



CET for Std 10 GR.

10 वी पास झालेल्या विद्यार्थी पालकांनी हा GR वाचावा. ह्यात अस लीहल आहे की जे विद्यार्थी सीईटी परीक्षा देतील त्यांना कॉलेज मधे पहिलं एडमिशन मिळणार आहे. त्या नंतर उरलेला सीट वर इतर मुलांना मूल्य मापन पद्धतीने एडमिशन मिळणार म्हणजे ऑगस्ट मध्ये होणारी सीईटी एक्झाम कॉलेज एडमिशन ला महत्वाची आहे. त्याचे फॉर्म सोमवार पासून ऑनलाईन भरायचे आहेत.

D.D.इ.११ वी CET.pdf

8:25 m LTE LTE A 199% 4 SB - Exam - 2-4181-2021 ... 4 Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Pune 411004. Subject: Regarding the Common Entrance Examination (CET) to be conducted for Class XI Admission of the year 2021-22 ....... Revealed the result of the Secondary School Leaving Certificate (E. 10th) examination through Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education on 28th May. As per the evaluation procedure in the Government Resolution of 2021, it has been announced on 16/07/2021. As per the Government Resolution dated 28th May, 2021 and 24th June, 2021, it has been decided to conduct a Common Entrance Examination (CET) in the entire state for the 11th admission and its details have been fixed and the Government has given instructions to conduct this examination through the organizing board. Accordingly, the Common Entrance Examination for Class XI Admission of the year 2021-22 will be conducted by the Organizing Board on Saturday 21st August, 2021 from 11.00 am to 1.00 pm. This examination is for the 11th admission in the year 2021-22 in the junior college affiliated to the state board and it is completely optional for the student. The examination is of offline format and will be based on the State Board syllabus. The question paper is of Multiple Choice Objective type Questions and O.M.R. Will be based. Interested students who have passed / entered the Secondary School Leaving Certificate (E.10V) examination of State Board or other Board for this examination are required to submit the application form online from the Board's website The facility to fill the application form is being made available by the Board on 20/07/2021 from 11.30 am on 26/07/2021. Detailed instructions for filling up the application form as well as for the common entrance test are being made available to the students along with the disclosure as well as on the Board's website. However, this should be noted by students, parents and all concerned. Of 200g. (Dr. Ashok Bhosale) Secretary, State Board, 19/07/2021, Pune. 2]


NOTICE - URGENT and IMPORTANT (Std.10 - 2020-2021)

Dear Parents and Students (std.10)

Do follow these most important instructions given hereinbelow :

1) The corrected Prelim papers which are in your safe custody till now is a very important document/record of the school. These papers should be returned to the school office on Saturday 5th June 2021 between 10am to 11am. Ms. Smita W and Mr. Nepolian will be available to collect them from you.

2) Our staff members will be seated on the ground floor to collect these Prelim answer scripts.

3) To maintain the norms of social distancing and safety you are required to follow all the instructions of our staff members on duty and avoid over crowding of the school premises.

4) Do Sign on the class list against the name of your son when you return the entire Prelim set that was handed over to you. This is for the purpose of our records.

5) No student or minor is permitted to come to school. The returning of the Prelim papers is to be done by the Parent, Guardian or an adult.

6) Your SSC evaluation work will have to be completed by our teachers and staff members in school soon and hence you would understand how important it is for you to return these corrected Prelim papers to us which are now in your possession and kept in your safe custody. These Prelim answer scripts is a very important document and record of the school which will be considered in the preparation of the SSC results by the School and the SSC Board.

7) Mrs. D'Gama will hold a verification day ONLINE for the students of std.10.1 & 10.2 for the Science- 1&2 papers (10.1) and Maths (10.2) latest by Friday ie 4th June 2021 ONLINE. All details in this regard will be communicated to you by Mrs. D'Gama herself. So do keep yourselves ready for the same.

8) I do hope you will take up our offer to conduct special online classes for you if you need them from 14th June 2021 (for a week) to help you prepare yourselves for the forthcoming CET exams and clarify your doubts in our respective subjects. However if you do not get in touch with your own class/subject teachers with your difficulties and doubts latest by 7th of June 2021 then these online classes will not be held by us.

9) You have been an exceptionally cooperative set of parents and students and I do hope you will continue to be responsible till the end.

Keep healthy, keep safe and God bless you. All the best for the future.



Students please note

A link will be posted in the Math - 2 classroom in order that you may view your prelim papers and marks

Roll nos 1 to 20 -9am to 9: 30 am

Roll nos 21 to 40 - 10 am to 10 : 30 am

Before the class begins I will be putting up a mark list in the GC , so that you can see your marks before Google meet.

Students please note

Tomorrow 4th June 2021

A link will be sent in the Science 1 classroom at 11am so that you can view your Prelim marks .

Roll nos :1 to 20 from 11am to 12 noon

And Roll nos 21 to 40 from 12:15 to 1:15pm

Your marks for Science -1 and Science -2 will be put up un the GC before the Google meet.

CET PREPARATION for SSC (2020-2021) batch

Dear Students (Std. 10),

Do hope you are all well by the grace of God.

As informed by me earlier via a whatsapp message and through our school website on 29/5/2021, you have the option of choosing to appear for a CET exam to seek admission to std.11 to a college of your choice.

I would encourage all of you to take this opportunity and give the CET exam a try as it will benefit you by giving you a preference to join the college of your choice over those who do not appear for the same.

If any of you wish to avail of any std.10 teacher's help for any doubts or help in any subject taught by us, we are more than happy and willing to help you in this regard.

You may contact your subject teachers individually on their contact nos./whatsapp msg etc. with your doubts and inform us in advance as to what topics you would like us to help you with pertaining to our individual subjects taught by us of the syllabus of std.10.

Once we know what kind of help you are seeking from us we will prepare ourselves and then have a GC meeting specially for you in our std.10 GC (2020-2021) in the week starting from the 14th June 2021 from 2pm to 3pm as per a time table that we will follow.

Please avail of this opportunity which will enable you to do well and excel at your forthcoming CET exams.

With best wishes,



All about SSC Exam :

दहावीच्या परीक्षेचे दहा प्रश्न! शिक्षणमंत्री वर्षा गायकवाड यांची उत्तरं -

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SSC Edu Board Circulary 29 May 2021.pdf

Click on the above PDF to View | Download

NOTICE - Translation of Circular

The process for the Std.11 admission (2021-2022) as per circular received on 28/5/2021 from the Education Department.

This circular is regarding std. 11th admission (2021-2022)

According to board of ministers' decision all those students who are seeking admission to STD 11th should be granted to them.

For that following points to be considered :

1) The State will be conducting a CET EXAM

2)This CET Exam will be based on STD 10th portion and syllabus

3) The pattern of this exam will be multiple choice, objective type questions and this will be on an OMR sheet

4) The exam will be of 100 marks and 2 hours duration

5) This CET Exam is optional for the students as per their wish and choice.

However those students who are appearing for this CET EXAM will be given first preference for admission in the first stage of admission to std.11. After that they will be consider the remaining students who have not opted or given the CET entrance exam.



Dear Students and Parents of Std.10 (2020-2021)

I have just received this circular from the Education Department which I will forward to you as received and also display it on the school website. This circular along with the translation in English, seeks your views/opinion of having a CET exam for admission and entrance to std.11 class once the Covid pandemic is under control. You will need to click on the given link in the circular and do the needful quickly as they say by tomorrow 9th May 2021 this link will close. Therefore I suggest that you consult your parents and think this out well before you send them your reply via their link:



Given the prevailing Corona virus pandemic, Maharashtra State Council of Examination's Pre-Upper Primary Scholarship (Class V) & Pre-Secondary Scholarship (Class VIII) examinations scheduled to be held on May 23, 2021 have been postponed till further notice.


We deeply regret the demise of our ex teacher Ms. Keshwer F who passed over to the heavenly shores on 27th April 2021.

Ms. Keshwer F taught at SXBA for many years and has touched the lives of many students of our school of the secondary section and left a mark on them.

We thank God for the gift of this very talented Social Science and French teacher who involved and engaged herself whole heartedly in the various curricular and co curricular activities in our institution and pray for courage and strength to her loved ones.

May she RIP.



Ms. Keshwer we will miss you

It was 1st Dec. 1993. I had come to attend an interview at the Academy. I was a little tense sitting outside the office; waiting for a Call from than Principal Mam. Saldhana.

After a while I noticed a pretty lady in a decent western outfit, coming from the stairs, her contrast bright red and white dress was giving her a very graceful look.

After reporting to Ms. Angela (office staff) she quietly came and sat on the same bench.

I guessed that she also might have come for interview. After a formal greeting I simply enquired about her. Cheerfully she introduced herself as Keshwer Fatakia, came for the interview and takes English, SS, and French. mean while sitting there she laughingly narrated that how she got confused to find the right location of Boys Academy, then how a Taxiwala helped her. The conversation made me little relaxed and tensed free that day one by one we both gave our interviews.

later we both got selected to serve the Boys Academy. This was my first meeting with Ms Keshwer Fatakia.

than we worked together for 20 yrs, i didn’t realise how these all years passed.

She was quite popular among the boys as a colleague we have lots of memories. She had a very innocent and honest approach towards life she used to share most of the incidents of her life with the staff members .

I remember if Keshwer Ms. is coming towards Master room means sure she has something funny to share with us. She never came with empty bags, while going back quietly she used to keep a packet of snacks for everyone.

I know that she was also quite fond of eating a variety of snacks but she never forgot to treat others.

Those days Drama day used to a big event in Academy. English Opera, Hindi/ Marathi Drama, Dance, filler Items means most of the students used to take part in it.

Teachers were allotted duties according to their subjects but Ms. Keshwer willingly used to opt for Marathi Drama, Being an English French teacher she always used to prefer to be with Mr. Dias and Mr.D'Cruz for Marathi language Drama.

I remember during Sports preparation at the ground while Marching practice she was always ahead with boys, very proudly she used to tell “ Listen I was in Scout Girls guide Captain in my school ”. She had health issues, we know she was not comfortable for a long walk but she never made any excuses about it. always ready for the service.

She worked for 20 yrs in Academy later she left the school due to her health issues. But she was in constant touch with all of the staff and most of the students.

Until last week she was in touch with most of us she was not keeping well, even in her sickness two days back she sent a voice msg. informing about Miss Terry's wellness, hearing her voice I noticed that she is not well, I advised her to look after herself, at this stage too she was a concern for friends.

This type of approach she had for others, always smiling, thinking for others.

Ms. Keshwer we will miss you always.

Mukhtar Khan (Staff)

Ms. Keshwer spelt with a ‘wer’ often told her students who misspelt her name with a ‘war’ that there was no ‘war’ in her name. Yes Ms. Keshwer always stood for peace, she was an eternal optimist, a much loved teacher, a fine friend, a great colleague, who was a team player and generous to a fault as giving gifts and treats gave her great joy and she celebrated every occasion.

Ms. Keshwer joined St. Xavier’s Boys’ Academy a year after I did and our friendship grew as we worked together and shared our joys and sorrows.

Infact we would giggle and say that we would hang our boots together too as we share the same year of birth, but God has his own plans.

Ms. Keshwer did a great job as honorary Jt. Secretary of PASTOR for 10 years and I was appointed the same after she resigned from St. Xavier’s Boys, Academy because of failing health.

I thank God for the gift of Ms. Keshwer to St Xavier’s Boys Academy and to all of us. Rest in peace my dearest Keshwer. Gone too soon but your memories will always be cherished.

Ms. Monica

Notice - Verification of Prelims papers of Std.10 on 8/4/2021

Dear Parents and students - Std.10

Since the boys are still not permitted to come to school this is what we have decided to do :

1) The whole set of corrected answer scripts of the Prelim papers of all subjects will be handed over only to the parents/guardians on 8th April 2021 between 12 noon to 1pm by their respective class teachers. No student is permitted to come to school to collect their prelim papers. Only adults are permitted.

2) Parents are expected to come and collect these answer scripts personally and hand it over to their son who will then go through the papers corrected.

3) On Monday 12th April 2021, each subject teacher will send a Google meet link on GC. Please join as per the division that you are in. ie 10.1 or 10.2

Staff members will be present online from 9am to 10.30am and 11am to 1pm to answer any queries that the student might have with the corrected answer sheets.

4) Students are free to enter any std. 10 GC on 12th April 2021 to meet any subject teacher online from 9am to 10.30am and 11am to 1pm only to get their queries answered by the teachers. The staff will have a break from 10.30am to 11am.

5) Since these answer scripts are records that we need to keep in the custody of our school (to be able to supply it to the SSC Board as and when if needed) you parents are requested to come personally to school to return these Prelim papers to our staff on duty on 16th April 2021 from 10am to 12 noon.

6) Do sign against the name of your son on his respective class list both when you come to collect the corrected answer scripts and return them to school too.

7) Please do not crowd the premises and maintain social distancing norms at all times.

8) You will collect and return the Prelims papers on the ground floor of the school premises.




Dear Parents (Std.5 to 10)

Do take note of the following :

1) On 11th March 2021 is Mahashivaratri. There will be no online classes for stds.5 to 9 tomorrow.

2) A reminder to parents/guardians of std.10 :

- Today 10th March 2021 kindly submit the Prelims answer scripts of Marathi, Hindi/Hindi composite and English to our school staff on duty between 12.15pm to 1pm.

- A letter of authority to be sent if a parent/guardian is unable to come to personally deliver the Prelims papers.

- Please sign on every class list against the name of your son/ward, as you handover the said answer scripts to our staff.

- Do follow the social distancing norms and all other Instructions given by the security and staff on duty whenever you visit our school.

- Next papers submission is on 16th March 2021 at the same time mentioned above.

- NO exception and concessions will be made for any reason whatsoever. DO NOT send your children to school please.




Dear Parents and students - Std.10,

Online Prelims (Std.10)

Time : 8.30 am

Schedule : As per time table from 8/3/2021 onwards which is displayed on the school website.

Venue : Std.10 subject GC

1)8.30 - 8.40 am Class Attendance on the subject GC and the Question paper of the day will be uploaded here too. You are reminded to save and download the question paper each day.

2) 8.40 - 8.50am Clarification of all doubts in the question paper only by students. After this assigned time no teacher will be available for any queries to be answered. Students to commence writing the paper at 8.45 am. Supervision by parents.

3) 8.50am Teachers will leave the GC and get ready for their other online classes of the day.

4) Prelim answer papers submission by parents/guardians only : Each time 3 written papers will be submitted

5) Dates and time for submission are as follows:

10th, 16th, 19th and 22nd March 2021 to school between 12.15pm to 1pm on the ground floor. Papers will not be accepted after this time. Ms. Smita W.and team will be responsible for the collection of answer scripts.

6) Kindly hand over the answer scripts in school only to the staff assigned for this task and to no one else. Please sign on every class list after submission of every answer script as directed by the SXBA staff on duty. Also note that no concessions or exceptions will be made to parents with regard to the day or time of submission of the answer scripts. You are solely responsible for this.

5) If you encounter any problem on exam days please contact the class teacher/subject teacher immediately.

6) On 5th March 2021 students to come and collect the main answer booklets, maps, graphs etc. This day they will also submit all kinds of assignments to their subject teachers as informed earlier. Kindly follow the schedule as announced by the Vice Principal keeping in mind the social distancing norms to be followed by all.

7) The prelim exams should be answered only on the school stationery that is provided to them with the exception of the supplements. If the school stationery is misplaced or lost or not in a good condition then the answer script may not be corrected by the staff. So do take care and be responsible for the same.

8) An online farewell program for std.10 will be held on 23rd March 2021 at 12 noon. Check with the class teachers about the Venue GC and the time of the event when you boys will next come to school.

Wishing all of you the very best.



Dear Students and Parents - Std.10 Please Note:

1. Geography Board MCQ's( 20 marks, based on the entire portion) will be held online on 1st March 2021 during the Geography period and the History/Political Science Board MCQ's ( 20 marks, based on the entire portion) will be held online on 2nd March, 2021at 12 p.m. during the History class.

2. An online meeting of Std 10 Parents will be held on 3rd March, 2021 at 11.a.m.The link for the same will be to the std.10 Geography classroom. Attendance of at least one parent is compulsory for the meeting.

3. Prelims will be conducted from 8th March, 2021 to the 22nd March, 2021. Details of the Prelims will be shared at the online meeting on 3rd March 2021.

4. Online Farewell programme will be organised on 23rd March, 2021 at 12.00 p.m.

Note: please check the school website for further details from time to time.



Dear Staff and Students of Std.10

We were expecting a written order from the BMC regarding permission for schools to reopen in Mumbai latest by 31/1/2021 but have not as yet heard from the BMC so far.

Hence the Science practical work that was scheduled for the week starting tomorrow i.e. 01/02/2021 is postponed till further notice.

I will communicate to you the new schedule for the Science practical work as soon as I receive this circular from the BMC. Till then all students will continue with their online classes.

Also reminding all students of Std.10 to keep ready the signed consent letters from your parents for entry into our school whenever you next come to school.




Dear Parents - Secondary section (std.5 to 10),

Kindly find two notices which will be displayed on the school website regarding resumption of physical classes in school and Consent guidelines alongwith a Declaration which you will have to sign and send with your son.

Class teachers will have to collect the hard copy of the Consent guidelines- Declaration signed by you before we permit students entry into their classrooms whenever the BMC passes an order for the same.



Physical Class Resumption for Stds. 5-10 - 2020 -2021.pdf

Dear Students and Parents (stds. 5 to 10)

1) The Christmas program will be held on 22nd December 2020 from 9am onwards. Your Class teachers will let you know the venue/ GC room for the same.

2) Christmas vacation is from 23rd December to 1st January 2021.

3) School will reopen on 4th January 2021 in the new year. If there are any changes regarding the Online/Physical classes from the new year 2021 this will be communicated through the school website as and when we receive a circular from the Education Dept. Kindly look up the school website regularly.

4) You are also reminded to pay your school fees as per the notice of the Manager (displayed on the school website).

5) The school office will remain open throughout the Christmas vacation on all working days except on 25th and 26th December 2020 for assistance in any school related matter.

6) Wishing each one of you and your family members a very Merry Christmas and a Happier and Healthy New Year 2021.



Dear Parents (stds.5 to 10) - Secondary section

As per a recent circular dated 20/11/2020 received from the Director of Education Mr. R. Ahire our school will conduct only the ONLINE classes for all students from std.5 to 10 starting from 23rd November 2020 till further notice. Hence please take note of the following:

1) We will reopen for our second term with the ONLINE classes for all secondary students(stds.5 to 10) on Monday 23rd November 2020 with all four classes as per the time table of Monday.

2) You parents are reminded to email to Mr. Mario or personally handover to him in school your Assurance letters (Parental consent letters) latest by 25th November 2020. Mr. Mario will be available in school from 10am to 12noon from 23rd - 25th November 2020 for the same. (Kindly refer to this notice on the school website dated 4/11/2020)

3) Your son/s will be informed of their first term results(grades) by teachers on Monday /Tuesday of the week ahead. Please take note of this and do make sure to ask your son how they have fared in their first term exams.

4) Those students who have not fared well in any subject we request you parents to make enquiries with the respective subject/class teachers inorder to help your son fare better in the second term. Parents of students of stds 8, 9 & 10 please take special note of this point.

Wishing all of you the very best in the second term for the academic year 2020-2021.



For the attention of Stds. 5 to 10 - Secondary section

Dear Students,

1) As per the guidelines prescribed by the officials, we have revised the ONLINE CLASSES TIME TABLE for Std.5 and kept it for only one hour every day. The class teacher - Ms. Dipti will communicate to you this revised and changed timetable on 22nd June 2020. Kindly follow the same.

2) Stds. 6 - 8 your class teachers will also communicate to you the changes in class teaching hours timings, limiting it to 2 hours as prescribed for you.. Your timetable remains the same with only a change in the duration of every class.

3) Std.8 Students please note all those of you who have applied for Hindi Entire need not attend the French composite class w.e.f. 22nd June 2020.

4) Stds. 9 & 10 you will follow the same timetable.


Dear Parents (Stds. 5 to 10) 2020-2021

1) It has been brought to my notice by teachers that quite a few number of students (from every class) have not yet enrolled themselves in the google classrooms. Your son will miss a lot of work, learning, activities etc. if he fails to do so immediately. He will also find it very difficult to catch up with the rest of his classmates who have already enrolled themselves.

2) It has also been observed by us that some students have enrolled themselves in the google classrooms with multiple email id's, some have their parents name on the id instead of the students etc. Please note all such students will not be permitted entry into the classrooms by the teachers when we begin to take attendance on 15th June 2020 onwards. Attendance will be taken in the name of the student only. Those who do not comply with this rule will be deleted from the google class. Hence kindly rectify all such errors if they have inadvertently been done by you. Kindly create only one email id for your son, following the explicit instructions on the school website.


27th May 2020

Dear Parents & Students (Std. 5 – Std. 10)

As mentioned in my earlier message to you, we will be taking Education to the next level which is Virtual Classrooms on Google’s GSuite for Education. For this we require you to create a Google / Gmail account for your Son / Ward. This account will be used in the Google Classroom.

Please follow the instructions below to setup an account for your Son / Ward:

1. Go to and create a new account.

2. In the First Name Box – Please input your child’s Full Name and Surname e.g. Nathan DSouza.

3. In the Surname Box – Please input your child’s Standard and Class for the New Academic Year 2020 – 2021 e.g. Std 9

4. Create a username and password as per the requirements and availability of Google Accounts. Please note this down and keep this safely with you.

5. After mobile verification, as you proceed with creating a Google Account, you will be prompted to enter your Date of Birth. If your child’s age is below 13 please enter your (any one parent’s) date of birth instead.

6. After you have done this if you are using a mobile or tablet device please download the following apps from the Play / App store of your device: 1. Google Classroom and 2. Google Meet. Please do not sign in or launch the Google Classroom app yet. More instructions will follow soon.

Once again in the meantime Parents you are requested to make the necessary arrangements for internet connectivity and any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop to be available to your child / ward to facilitate this online learning process.

To avail of this online facility which will benefit your son in his studies kindly complete the above task latest by 31st May 2020 as per the instructions given above. The staff will begin with online class presentations on 1st June 2020.

Stay home, stay safe and be healthy

- Principal

Dear Parents & Students,

As you are aware of the current Covid-19 Pandemic situation, things will take some time to resume back to Normal. It is our endeavour to continue to serve you as teachers, even though we are unable to meet in School. To kick start the Academic Year 2020-2021 and to take Education to the next level, we are in the process of setting up Virtual Classrooms on Google’s GSuite for Education and will we soon keep you informed when we complete this process.

Fortunately for us we are one of the few schools in Mumbai who have managed to get an account for GSuite for Education as well as Microsoft 365 for Education. All this was made possible by our IT Specialist and Web designer Mr. Neil DSouza who pursued this endlessly with both Google and Microsoft.

Google Classroom is a virtual platform whereby students and parents can view, help their children study subjects taught and complete assignments given online. To enter a virtual classroom a list of class codes will be made available to you for each Standard soon. You can visit each class on your desktop or mobile and view multimedia content like videos, Power Point Presentations, Word Documents and PDF files.

In the meantime Parents you are requested to make the necessary arrangements for internet connectivity and any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop to be available to your child / ward to facilitate this online learning process.

Till then stay home, stay safe and be happy.