School Notices

BMC Helpline | COVID 19


Dear Parents (Std.5 to 10)

Do take note of the following :

1) On 11th March 2021 is Mahashivaratri. There will be no online classes for stds.5 to 9 tomorrow.

2) A reminder to parents/guardians of std.10 :

- Today 10th March 2021 kindly submit the Prelims answer scripts of Marathi, Hindi/Hindi composite and English to our school staff on duty between 12.15pm to 1pm.

- A letter of authority to be sent if a parent/guardian is unable to come to personally deliver the Prelims papers.

- Please sign on every class list against the name of your son/ward, as you handover the said answer scripts to our staff.

- Do follow the social distancing norms and all other Instructions given by the security and staff on duty whenever you visit our school.

- Next papers submission is on 16th March 2021 at the same time mentioned above.

- NO exception and concessions will be made for any reason whatsoever. DO NOT send your children to school please.




Dear Parents and students - Std.10,

Online Prelims (Std.10)

Time : 8.30 am

Schedule : As per time table from 8/3/2021 onwards which is displayed on the school website.

Venue : Std.10 subject GC

1)8.30 - 8.40 am Class Attendance on the subject GC and the Question paper of the day will be uploaded here too. You are reminded to save and download the question paper each day.

2) 8.40 - 8.50am Clarification of all doubts in the question paper only by students. After this assigned time no teacher will be available for any queries to be answered. Students to commence writing the paper at 8.45 am. Supervision by parents.

3) 8.50am Teachers will leave the GC and get ready for their other online classes of the day.

4) Prelim answer papers submission by parents/guardians only : Each time 3 written papers will be submitted

5) Dates and time for submission are as follows:

10th, 16th, 19th and 22nd March 2021 to school between 12.15pm to 1pm on the ground floor. Papers will not be accepted after this time. Ms. Smita W.and team will be responsible for the collection of answer scripts.

6) Kindly hand over the answer scripts in school only to the staff assigned for this task and to no one else. Please sign on every class list after submission of every answer script as directed by the SXBA staff on duty. Also note that no concessions or exceptions will be made to parents with regard to the day or time of submission of the answer scripts. You are solely responsible for this.

5) If you encounter any problem on exam days please contact the class teacher/subject teacher immediately.

6) On 5th March 2021 students to come and collect the main answer booklets, maps, graphs etc. This day they will also submit all kinds of assignments to their subject teachers as informed earlier. Kindly follow the schedule as announced by the Vice Principal keeping in mind the social distancing norms to be followed by all.

7) The prelim exams should be answered only on the school stationery that is provided to them with the exception of the supplements. If the school stationery is misplaced or lost or not in a good condition then the answer script may not be corrected by the staff. So do take care and be responsible for the same.

8) An online farewell program for std.10 will be held on 23rd March 2021 at 12 noon. Check with the class teachers about the Venue GC and the time of the event when you boys will next come to school.

Wishing all of you the very best.



Dear Students and Parents - Std.10 Please Note:

1. Geography Board MCQ's( 20 marks, based on the entire portion) will be held online on 1st March 2021 during the Geography period and the History/Political Science Board MCQ's ( 20 marks, based on the entire portion) will be held online on 2nd March, 2021at 12 p.m. during the History class.

2. An online meeting of Std 10 Parents will be held on 3rd March, 2021 at 11.a.m.The link for the same will be to the std.10 Geography classroom. Attendance of at least one parent is compulsory for the meeting.

3. Prelims will be conducted from 8th March, 2021 to the 22nd March, 2021. Details of the Prelims will be shared at the online meeting on 3rd March 2021.

4. Online Farewell programme will be organised on 23rd March, 2021 at 12.00 p.m.

Note: please check the school website for further details from time to time.



Dear Staff and Students of Std.10

We were expecting a written order from the BMC regarding permission for schools to reopen in Mumbai latest by 31/1/2021 but have not as yet heard from the BMC so far.

Hence the Science practical work that was scheduled for the week starting tomorrow i.e. 01/02/2021 is postponed till further notice.

I will communicate to you the new schedule for the Science practical work as soon as I receive this circular from the BMC. Till then all students will continue with their online classes.

Also reminding all students of Std.10 to keep ready the signed consent letters from your parents for entry into our school whenever you next come to school.




Dear Parents - Secondary section (std.5 to 10),

Kindly find two notices which will be displayed on the school website regarding resumption of physical classes in school and Consent guidelines alongwith a Declaration which you will have to sign and send with your son.

Class teachers will have to collect the hard copy of the Consent guidelines- Declaration signed by you before we permit students entry into their classrooms whenever the BMC passes an order for the same.



Physical Class Resumption for Stds. 5-10 - 2020 -2021.pdf

Dear Students and Parents (stds. 5 to 10)

1) The Christmas program will be held on 22nd December 2020 from 9am onwards. Your Class teachers will let you know the venue/ GC room for the same.

2) Christmas vacation is from 23rd December to 1st January 2021.

3) School will reopen on 4th January 2021 in the new year. If there are any changes regarding the Online/Physical classes from the new year 2021 this will be communicated through the school website as and when we receive a circular from the Education Dept. Kindly look up the school website regularly.

4) You are also reminded to pay your school fees as per the notice of the Manager (displayed on the school website).

5) The school office will remain open throughout the Christmas vacation on all working days except on 25th and 26th December 2020 for assistance in any school related matter.

6) Wishing each one of you and your family members a very Merry Christmas and a Happier and Healthy New Year 2021.



Dear Parents (stds.5 to 10) - Secondary section

As per a recent circular dated 20/11/2020 received from the Director of Education Mr. R. Ahire our school will conduct only the ONLINE classes for all students from std.5 to 10 starting from 23rd November 2020 till further notice. Hence please take note of the following:

1) We will reopen for our second term with the ONLINE classes for all secondary students(stds.5 to 10) on Monday 23rd November 2020 with all four classes as per the time table of Monday.

2) You parents are reminded to email to Mr. Mario or personally handover to him in school your Assurance letters (Parental consent letters) latest by 25th November 2020. Mr. Mario will be available in school from 10am to 12noon from 23rd - 25th November 2020 for the same. (Kindly refer to this notice on the school website dated 4/11/2020)

3) Your son/s will be informed of their first term results(grades) by teachers on Monday /Tuesday of the week ahead. Please take note of this and do make sure to ask your son how they have fared in their first term exams.

4) Those students who have not fared well in any subject we request you parents to make enquiries with the respective subject/class teachers inorder to help your son fare better in the second term. Parents of students of stds 8, 9 & 10 please take special note of this point.

Wishing all of you the very best in the second term for the academic year 2020-2021.



Sad Demise - Mr. Henry Mascarenhas - Ex PT Teacher and Football Coach

I just received the sad news and information that Mr Henry Mascarenhas passed away this evening in London. May his soul rest in peace. Please keep his family in your prayers. - Principal.

Obituary from the Manager

Dear Students, Ex Students, Parents and Staff:

It is with extreme grief that we received the sad news of Mr Henry Mascarenhas – Ex. PT Teacher and Football Coach who was in service with SXBA from 2007 - 2018 passing away in London at the age of 62 !!! He was very much loved by all the students, especially the little ones !!! He instilled a great love for sports and a sportsman spirit among all of them !!! We missed him much on his departure to the U.K. Simple and unassuming, he was always available for any task entrusted to him even at the last minute !!!

Our deepest condolences go out to his family !!! May his soul rest in peace,!!!

Fr. Blaise D’Souza


For the attention of Stds. 5 to 10 - Secondary section

Dear Students,

1) As per the guidelines prescribed by the officials, we have revised the ONLINE CLASSES TIME TABLE for Std.5 and kept it for only one hour every day. The class teacher - Ms. Dipti will communicate to you this revised and changed timetable on 22nd June 2020. Kindly follow the same.

2) Stds. 6 - 8 your class teachers will also communicate to you the changes in class teaching hours timings, limiting it to 2 hours as prescribed for you.. Your timetable remains the same with only a change in the duration of every class.

3) Std.8 Students please note all those of you who have applied for Hindi Entire need not attend the French composite class w.e.f. 22nd June 2020.

4) Stds. 9 & 10 you will follow the same timetable.


Dear Parents (Stds. 5 to 10) 2020-2021

1) It has been brought to my notice by teachers that quite a few number of students (from every class) have not yet enrolled themselves in the google classrooms. Your son will miss a lot of work, learning, activities etc. if he fails to do so immediately. He will also find it very difficult to catch up with the rest of his classmates who have already enrolled themselves.

2) It has also been observed by us that some students have enrolled themselves in the google classrooms with multiple email id's, some have their parents name on the id instead of the students etc. Please note all such students will not be permitted entry into the classrooms by the teachers when we begin to take attendance on 15th June 2020 onwards. Attendance will be taken in the name of the student only. Those who do not comply with this rule will be deleted from the google class. Hence kindly rectify all such errors if they have inadvertently been done by you. Kindly create only one email id for your son, following the explicit instructions on the school website.


27th May 2020

Dear Parents & Students (Std. 5 – Std. 10)

As mentioned in my earlier message to you, we will be taking Education to the next level which is Virtual Classrooms on Google’s GSuite for Education. For this we require you to create a Google / Gmail account for your Son / Ward. This account will be used in the Google Classroom.

Please follow the instructions below to setup an account for your Son / Ward:

1. Go to and create a new account.

2. In the First Name Box – Please input your child’s Full Name and Surname e.g. Nathan DSouza.

3. In the Surname Box – Please input your child’s Standard and Class for the New Academic Year 2020 – 2021 e.g. Std 9

4. Create a username and password as per the requirements and availability of Google Accounts. Please note this down and keep this safely with you.

5. After mobile verification, as you proceed with creating a Google Account, you will be prompted to enter your Date of Birth. If your child’s age is below 13 please enter your (any one parent’s) date of birth instead.

6. After you have done this if you are using a mobile or tablet device please download the following apps from the Play / App store of your device: 1. Google Classroom and 2. Google Meet. Please do not sign in or launch the Google Classroom app yet. More instructions will follow soon.

Once again in the meantime Parents you are requested to make the necessary arrangements for internet connectivity and any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop to be available to your child / ward to facilitate this online learning process.

To avail of this online facility which will benefit your son in his studies kindly complete the above task latest by 31st May 2020 as per the instructions given above. The staff will begin with online class presentations on 1st June 2020.

Stay home, stay safe and be healthy

- Principal

Dear Parents & Students,

As you are aware of the current Covid-19 Pandemic situation, things will take some time to resume back to Normal. It is our endeavour to continue to serve you as teachers, even though we are unable to meet in School. To kick start the Academic Year 2020-2021 and to take Education to the next level, we are in the process of setting up Virtual Classrooms on Google’s GSuite for Education and will we soon keep you informed when we complete this process.

Fortunately for us we are one of the few schools in Mumbai who have managed to get an account for GSuite for Education as well as Microsoft 365 for Education. All this was made possible by our IT Specialist and Web designer Mr. Neil DSouza who pursued this endlessly with both Google and Microsoft.

Google Classroom is a virtual platform whereby students and parents can view, help their children study subjects taught and complete assignments given online. To enter a virtual classroom a list of class codes will be made available to you for each Standard soon. You can visit each class on your desktop or mobile and view multimedia content like videos, Power Point Presentations, Word Documents and PDF files.

In the meantime Parents you are requested to make the necessary arrangements for internet connectivity and any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop to be available to your child / ward to facilitate this online learning process.

Till then stay home, stay safe and be happy.


Dear Parents (All sections)

I do hope and pray u all have been indoors, safe and healthy. I know for sure our students are longing to have normal days and a regular routine. We have managed thus far and am sure a few more days will not be that difficult if they are happily engaged in activities they like doing for eg. Music, reading, writing, playing board games, and honing their other skills of art, cooking, sketching, craft etc.

I am sure a few hours have been set aside for serious study as well. To help them with their on going studies i have uploaded on the school website many interesting sites and apps like Diksha app etc. Do make good use of it.

Help your children to view this lockdown time as a blessing which perhaps will not come again in a lifetime and hence make the most if it together. Please do not stress them out or pressurise them to do things they do not enjoy. Our children are reasonable and accommodating and if handled with love, understanding and care they will be happy as that is how childhood is meant to be.

We are all in this together and we will soon come out of it too.

Assuring each one of my prayers, best wishes and blessings


Archdiocese of Bombay - Emotional Wellness in times of COVID19 | Fr Godfrey D'sa

While making sure that we do what is necessary to stay safe from the virus, and we organize sufficient nourishing food to eat, we also need to make sure that we have the emotional strength and energy to cope with the present situation. Along with our physical immunity, we also need to ensure that our emotional immunity is strengthened, because a healthy body requires a healthy mind.

Fr Godfrey D'sa shares five simple things that we can do during these lockdown days to stay emotionally healthy.

Parents! please be patient with school teachers who are starting online classes.

Dear SXBA family - Staff, Students and Parents.

Happy feast of St. Joseph the worker and Happy Maharashtra Day.

Today is the last day of the school academic year 2019-2020. Though we began the year well, worked hard throughout somehow the end of this year was something unknown, unforseen and beyond one's imagination. However despite the many challenges faced we have much to be grateful for the blessings that came alongwith the lockdown - time for self, parents, family, loved ones and God.

I have kept posting various notices, articles, programmes and information for your guidance, growth, self development, reading and learning and i do hope u have made good use of the same. You can also avail of the text books from ebalbharati.

Students of Std. 5 to 8 you have been promoted to the next grade. Students of Std.9 your promotion to Std.10 depends on how well you have fared throughout the last year.

As and when i am officially informed of the reopening of schools for the new academic year 2020-2021, I will keep u informed. Hence keep looking up our school website often.

Till we next meet do keep safe, healthy, happy, be helpful and pray for our world, country, state, city, home and ourselves too.

Jai Maharashtra!!!

Best wishes,


Dear Parents,

At this point in time due to the lockdown, we are unable to furnish you with any information with regard to school, fees etc.

We request you to stay indoors and stay safe.

Once we overcome this phase and life resumes to normal, we will message you all the details as and when possible.

In the mean time you are requested to retain the school text books of your children and not to dispose them as they can be used to form a Book Bank in school to be used by our students once school reopens.

Kindly note: Please do not exit your current SXBA WhatsApp Groups of the School. We will be using this channel of communication to keep you informed and updated till School Re-opens for the new Academic Year.

Office bearers will continue to share any update that is available and necessary.

Note: Please do not send personal requests/queries.

Once again we request you to maintain discipline on the class groups and do not post any updates (pictures, videos, news clips etc) with regard to the current situation.

We look forward to your understanding and support.

God Bless You and take care of you and your loved ones.



Dear Teachers, Parents, Students (Stds. 1 to 10)

As per the circular issued by the Education department , teaching learning process must continue on line during lockdown period. For this purpose Teachers and Parents have to download the Telegram App from Google Play Store. Then click on the link given below to join mcgmedu. The link is After that parents join the Standard group in which the child is studying now. The parents after joining should inform your class representative. The Class rep. to inform the Vice President PTA - Mrs. Sarika Singh only the nos. Per class that has joined the group.


Notice Std. 10

To check result of aptitude test-

1) Open mahacareermitra app.

2) Set language to English

3) Enter seat number

4) Click on view report

5) Students can download their result

6) Students can get their course related detail information too there.

Std 10th aptitude test report will be available on 01/05/2020 on the website from 1:00 pm.

Diwali wishes 2020

Dear Parents, Students and well wishers (All sections)

On the happy occasion of the festival of lights - Deepawali

let us celebrate this festival by spreading true joy and lighting up the lives of those in our homes and neighbourhood.

May the sparkle of peace, contentment, joy and happiness stay with each one of you throughout your life.

Have a happy, safe and hope filled new year too.

Best wishes from,

The Manager, Principal and Staff