Educational Visit - Bombay High Court

An educational visit to the Bombay High Court on 15th March 2019 –Std.9

On the 15th March 2019 the students of Std.9 visited the Bombay High Court and were accompanied by a few teachers alongwith some PTA members. The students and the teachers were privileged to visit the High Court premises thanks to Advocate Kunjan Arekar who helped in getting all the required permissions for this visit.

When we students entered the High Court we were amazed to see the structure of the High Court building. Then we entered the Filing Chamber where all the petitions that are registered are filed and documented. In this age of computers and technology the typing work was still done by old-fashioned typewriters which indeed was amazing. After this the students were taken to see the court rooms. The students were very enthusiastic as they had never seen such court rooms in real life. After waiting for a few minutes we were allowed to see the proceedings that were going on inside the courtroom. We were very privileged to enter the largest court room in the Bombay High Court which is only used for high level court cases. It is said that the verdict of the cases of Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Netaji Subash Chandra Bose were also decided in this Bombay High Court. The students next visited the museum of the High Court wherein we saw some vintage photographs of the Bombay High Court during the early

18th century. We were lucky to even see the Red Gowns and White wigs worn by the judges during that period.

Overall we had an enriching experience. We are very thankful to all those who made this educational visit possible for us.

Vinay Navadgi