Raising Day at RPF – Churchgate

Raising Day at RPF – Churchgate on 3/1/2019

On 3rd January 2019 all the boys of Std.7-2 alongwith Mr. Mukhtar Khan and Mr.Anandprakash Sharma visited the RPF at Churchgate Station. Mrs.Savita Andhale (Parent & RPF Personnel) and a few other policemen also accompanied us. It was quite a surprise as none of the boys knew about this visit but were very excited about this unexpected outing.

We were divided into groups of three and lead to the police station on the railway station premises. We got a lot of information about various guns. The police showed us a revolver, shotgun, KL automatic gun, AK-47, and an Ex huge rifle. A policeman explained the different parts of the gun namely maxim, trigger, pointer, scope, etc. He also showed us how to load and re-load the gun.

Afterwards we were given a frooti each and many photographs were clicked. The best part was that it was fun and educational both. It was inspiring and has surely inspired all of us to work in the police force someday and make India the safest country on earth. This event is called ‘Raising Day’.

Sarosh Motafram