Session on AIDS Awareness and Sexuality

Education in Sexuality and Aids Awareness Workshop held on 14/3/2019

Ms.Teresita D’Gama and Ms.Monica Rose were the resource persons for this workshop that was conducted on 14th March 2019 for the students of Std.9 which started with a prayer.

A film made on the topic by the Archdiocesan Board of Education and other suitable videos and clippings were used to promote the values of love, respect and scientific temper. It is hoped that the knowledge given to the students will help them make healthy well informed choices.

The topics covered were :

  • Education in Sexuality
  • AIDS Awareness
  • Raising men to end violence against women

Questions were encouraged and the session ended with the rock song ‘Treat all Women with Respect’.

Ms.Monica Rose Ms.Teresita D’Gama

Teachers In-charge

Session on Aids Awareness and Human Sexuality – Std.9 on 14/3/2019

On 14th March 2019 a session was conducted for the boys of class 9 on ‘Aids Awareness and Human Sexuality’ by Mrs.Teresita D’Gama and Mrs.Monica Rose from 11.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. in the Media Room.

The session began at 11.00 a.m. with a small prayer. After the prayer the teachers gave a short summary of the contents of the session. The talks helped the boys better understand the working of the human body. It also focussed and covered the issue of the increasing rape cases in India and how we youngsters can prevent it from happening in our society. The boys understood that we must respect all women. We also got to know about various diseases that can be caused with an unsafe sexual contact and how this can be prevented.

This enriching session ended with a small song about respecting women. The teachers took a lot of trouble to make the boys understand a very important aspect of the preciousness of life.

Vibhav Manatkar