Principal's Notes

Ms. Preema Noronha

Principal SXBA

2010 Onwards

Manager’s Day – 4th February 2019

Dear Fr. Blaise,

We have gathered specially this morning to wish you a very happy Manager’s day and a belated happy birthday too. I stand here on behalf of all the staff (teaching and non teaching), students, parents of SXBA and our B.Ed interns, to thank God for the gift of you to our institution and for your dedicated service to us.

You have been a source of inspiration, strength and guidance for all in these premises throughout the year. Thank you for the effort you constantly put in to lead our school in the direction the Jesuit Congregation has chalked out for us. You are no ordinary manager who rules from above but you believe in carrying everyone alongwith you. This is no mean feat and sometimes when you have to stand your ground on principles and policies and be firm and decisive you have a number of added challenges to face. However nothing deters you easily as you continue leading us, challenging us, empowering us, teaching us, showing us walking alongwith us and helping us reach our true potential.

Despite your ill health at times, you still continue to faithfully come to our institution each and every day and leave last of all. You have been amply blessed by God dear Fr. Blaise with his choicest blessings but your commitment towards the work entrusted to you, which was initially not of your choice but eventually you made it your own, your clarity of thought, sharp mind, inclusive attitude along with your administrative and decision making, problem solving and leadership skills is what sets you apart. You possess that child like curiosity and determination to learn and understand new and complex issues and you never give up easily. These have been some of your outstanding qualities worth emulating.

Thank you for helping us understand the true meaning of Harmony in simple and doable ways, for encouraging us and propelling us onwards to strive to achieve it in our personal lives and professional commitment alongwith all the stakeholders of SXBA. We do hope your presence and example will enable us to learn to collaborate and cooperate with one another despite our disagreements and misgivings, the ups and downs, successes and failures, always keeping the vision of this great institution and our own personal mission at the centre of our choices and decisions. Thank you for trusting us and letting us grow at our pace in qualities of mind and heart. We forge ahead confidently knowing fully well that you are there watching our backs and that we will have your support for the effort we put in irrespective of the results we achieve.

On this your special day I pray that our God almighty grant you good health, peace of mind and many more years of active service in his vineyard and here at SXBA.

Thank you and have an exciting year ahead.

Ms. Preema Noronha


Farewell and Thank you – Mr.Suresh Solanki

August 31, 2018

Dear Mr. Suresh Solanki,

Spending one’s entire youth and adult life faithfully serving an institution for 37 long years speaks volumes of a person’s dedication and commitment. Dear Suresh you have been the oldest employee amongst us and we have much to learn from you. The welcoming smile and a wish before the start of our day, the pride you took in your job, the compound that you swept clean every morning whether it was raining or cold or very hot are things that one noticed very easily. But your simplicity, humility, the love and concern you had for the well being of our students whom you affectionately addressed as ‘baba lok’ the rapport you shared with all and the relationships you built and maintained with various stakeholders specially the ex-students of many years is something very few of us can match but all can emulate. You are that chord which linked and connected the past to the present. You somehow managed to master the finer things that make life. The presence of the ex-students here is proof of what I am saying. This is something not everyone can easily do.

We must remember all those people who have helped us along our own life’s journey. My time at S.X.B.A. began 9 years ago and thanks to the support of one such simple man – Suresh Solanki my stay here was worthwhile. I learnt much from him through my various interactions and encounters with him everyday in school. Unassuming, polite, humble and always ready to help without counting the cost without any expectation, in the true spirit of the ‘MAGIS’ is what I will always remember him for. So today I want to say a very very big thank you Mr.Suresh Solanki for your fatherly concern, your brotherly love, for standing by me and working as a co-worker, owning the work entrusted to us by the Management of S.X.B.A. and lending me your undying support and constant help. I feel a sense of blessedness and gratitude since I was privileged to be gifted by the person of Suresh during my stay here at S.X.B.A.

Now as it is time to say a final goodbye and wish you farewell know for sure that your absence will be greatly felt in school by one and all. We are grateful to you for the gift of yourself to our institution and for all that we shared with you individually and as a team. So sit back now relax and do all the things you never got a chance to do while you were busy serving at S.X.B.A. Though in a way retirement means the end of something look at it as an opportunity to new beginnings.

As you retire today we pray that you take time to rebuild yourself very specially to improve your failing health which has been delicate. We also pray for all your intentions specially for the good health of your wife and all your other needs.

We wish you every happiness, a long healthy life and request you to continue keeping us in your love and prayers too. Goodbye and God Bless You.

Ms. Preema Noronha



St. Ignatius of Loyola founded the Society of Jesus and was it’s first Superior General. The Jesuits emerged as a powerful force during the Counter Reformation. By a special vow of obedience to the Pope the Jesuits serve as missionaries and pledge their unflinching loyalty and unfailing obedience to him. Ignatius the youngest of thirteen children lost his mother early in life. As a young man he had a great love for military exercises and a tremendous desire for fame. I am told he was wealthy, a fancy dresser, an expert dancer, pretty vain and yet most well liked by the women of his times. He joined the army at a very young age of 17. He was gravely injured in the battle of Pamplona, when a cannon ball hit him in the legs wounding his right leg and fracturing the left in multiple places. This calamity was the turning point of his life. Since the books on the romances of chivalry were not available for reading during his hospital stay, Ignatius turned to the scriptures and the lives of saints. This then as we now know was the beginning of the greatest romance which started while Ignatius was recuperating in bed. Jesus and the saints enthralled, enchanted and captivated him. Gradually the heroic dream was over but the saintly dream which gave him much joy and peace took over.

Dear Rev. frs., sisters, principals, staff members of the Trust, SXIE & SXBA, Ex staff members, ex principals of the different units, Parents, Grandparents, Students, well-wishers and my dear friends. WELCOME, WELCOME AND A VERY WARM WELCOME ONCE AGAIN. Today is a joyful day and joy when shared is doubled. The SXBA family on behalf of the Jesuit Management and Fr. Blaise D’Souza sj our Manager, warmly welcomes you to this Eucharistic Celebration. We are so glad you took time out to be with us.

Our theme for this academic year is Stay grounded – keep growing. We can only achieve this if we are grounded in God’s Spirit which will lead and guide us to further growth. Today our world and our country in particular is turning topsy turvy and the ground beneath our feet seems to be shifting. Materialism, consumerism, deceit, false hopes, terror, fear and insecurity stare in our faces everyday. It is in trying times such as these that one should find the equilibrium of life without losing hope often by going counter current.

So who better than from our founder St Ignatius can we learn some of the most valuable of life’s lessons. St. Ignatius is that saint who when he was grounded physically continued to keep growing spiritually . How to face adversity squarely, turn it to one’s advantage and emerge a winner, how to discern when confronted with a dilemma, how to love passionately with a single minded devotion, how to forge ahead in the face of desolation, how to trust in God and his will when one’s well thought out plans are tossed in the air, how to decide about what really matters in life putting aside one’s ego and finally how to find peace amidst stress when treated unfairly or unjustly - these are some of the invaluable lessons he teaches us through his life and experiences.

Dear friends, we do hope you have a meaningful and enriching day and that blessings in abundance may be yours for participating in this Holy Eucharist. We know that our founder St. Ignatius of Loyola will bless you and your families greatly through his powerful intercession. Do continue to pray for us that like St. Ignatius we too may be grounded in Jesus and keep growing spiritually, emotionally and intellectually as we march onward through this journey of life. Kindly stand ……..


Every occasion demands that gratitude is expressed to one and all responsible for the success of a programme. It is indeed a fortunate thing to happen when a person is called on stage to say thank you because it means that he or she has a lot to be grateful for. No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks. I can’t express how grateful I am to have all of you here with us tonight. Gratitude is the key to happiness and it springs from the depth of one’s soul.

Honourable Chief Guests – Mr. & Mrs. Chaina, Rev. Frs, Principals, Respected family and friends, dear parents, ex-students, PASTOR and BAPSA members, benefactors, well wishers, staff and students.

In the course of our ordinary lives we hardly realize that we receive a great deal more than we give and that it is only with gratitude that life becomes rich. Today is one such opportunity to take a break from the mundane and take stock of our blessings. It is equally very important to express gratitude and so I stand before you this evening to do just that.

At the very outset, I thank the Almighty for the various stakeholders of this institution whose dedicated and selfless service enabled us to continue making a difference in the lives of many through this hallowed institution S.X.B.A.

Mr. & Mrs. Chaina and Jamshed, thank you for accepting our invitation to be the Chief Guests today, for the kind sentiments you shared and for giving away the prizes.

Jamshed Chaina as the captain of our school you had to shoulder many responsibilities. You were respectful, polite and willing to do jobs entrusted to you sincerely while upholding the values of our school – a true gentleman at heart. We do hope the rich and challenging experiences gained as school captain will enable you to forge ahead confidently in all your future endeavours as you make your mark in the world outside.

I am grateful to our Manager Fr.Blaise D’Souza s.j. for making himself available to us at all times. Thank you for giving us your time and for sharing your wisdom which guides us. You take a keen interest in all the happenings at school and encourage us to strive for the ‘Magis–The More!’. For this I am very grateful to you. Dear Parents the new computer laboratory which has made it easy for teachers and students to be engaged for the whole period is thanks to Fr. Blaise D’Souza.

My heartfelt gratitude to Mr.Savio the Vice-Principal, Mrs.Yvonne Rodrigues (H.M. – Primary), Ms.Pauline Noronha (Supervisor- Pre-Primary) for sharing my burden, pitching in when needed and for the team spirit we share.

To our Staff members both teaching and non-teaching who have spent long hours in order to make this programme a success, my sincere gratitude to you.

A special word of thanks to Mr. Neil for his promptness and efficiency as our school’s website designer as also for updating, maintaining and being the Administrator of our ‘Whatsapp facility’. The presentation of the School Report so colourful and creative is the result of his efforts and the long hours that he has spent trying to better it every single day since he started on this work. Thank you Mr. Neil D’Souza.

Thank you Mr.Terry D’Silva and team of photographers and Mr. Dylan John for providing the sound system for the day.

To the trustees for renting out their premises to us, the other personnel of Patkar Hall and the Support staff - Thank you very much.

To our parents, the PTA and BAPSA members, friends and well wishers - your presence this evening has made us glad. My deep gratitude for your interest and collaboration in the smooth running of our school and your ever willingness to work for the betterment of our institution. I look forward to greater cooperation and collaboration from you dear parents this year too.

I must make a special mention of 3 important –PTA members - Mr.Jayesh Mukhtyar –

Vice President of the PTA, Mrs.Dorajiwala – Secretary and Mr.Sancheti – Treasurer for being such a wonderful, hardworking and efficient team who were ever willing to reach out and help us conduct all the PTA activities as planned in school. Their love for our students and commitment to our school was so evident through their availability at all times inspite of their professional and personal commitments. I cannot thank them enough for their stauch support and collaboration througout the last academic year. I am sure the present PTA team will follow in their footsteps.

To a very very important member of the S.X.B.A family – Mr.Suresh Solanki my heartfelt gratitude. Mr.Suresh has been with the S.X.B.A family from a very young age. His entire youth and adult years has been spent in service at S.X.B.A. This year on 31st August 2018 Mr.Suresh retires after 37 years of loyal service. Being the oldest member of the S.X.BA. family, Suresh in his unassuming but polite way would take it upon himself to remind me of the big and small things, I needed to remember on important occasions. He also took great pride in keeping the school compound clean. His humility and respectful nature has always endeared him to me. Thank you Mr.Suresh Solanki. We are surely going to miss seeing you first thing in the morning here at S.X.B.A. as we walk into school everyday from September 2018.

To our student council members for all the help extended - my heartfelt gratitude. You have already started working hard and responsibly right from the commencement of this academic year. Congratulations and all the very best for the rest of the year.

And finally to all my dear students whose melodious singing, acting, compering and magical dance steps transported us to a peaceful, harmonious world and left us enthralled - Thank you, you were wonderful.

If I have inadvertently missed out thanking anyone in particular please accept my deep gratitude and thanks.

Good night and God Bless you.

Ms. Preema Noronha



“Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground”. This is the meaning of the theme that we have chosen for the new academic year 2018-19 – ‘Stay Grounded – Keep Growing”.

Dear students, Council members, Staff, Parents and Well wishers,

Being grounded means that your feel safe and secure in your own skin within your life. It means that you have a stable foundation that allows you to roll with the punches and deal with the ups and downs of life. Everyone of us could use some grounding.

To be grounded is to pour your energies back into the earth and feel the warm calm of nature entering your body in exchange.

What is the best example that presents an image of what ‘being grounded’ means ? Be like a tree - connect with your roots, turn over a new leaf, bend before you break, enjoy your unique natural healthy beauty, keep growing as you stay grounded.

Most of us humans are never fully present in the now because unconsciously we believe that the next moment must be more important than this one. But then we miss our whole life which is never not now - Eckhart Tolle.

Always be an explorer of life. Keep experimenting, keep trying, keep attempting something that has not been attempted before. Then life will not be boring, life will not be an imposition - an imprisonment. There’s more to life than just existing. Pursue a new hobby every year and see how exciting life can be. Be an active person only then will you keep growing.

Never delve in the past nor worry excessively about the future. The past is over and the future is yet to be. Plan a path because it is impossible to know where you are headed without reflecting on where you came from. Understanding your heritage, your roots and your ancestry is an important part of carving out your future.

Dear parents, there are two things we should give our children – one is roots the other is wings. Encourage and support your son at all times because children are apt to live up to what you believe of them. Speak affirming words to them which will open up a whole new avenue of possibilities that are lying deep down within them.

Dear students Council members “flying starts from the ground -so does growing”. The more grounded you are the higher you will fly and grow. Focus on where you want to go and not on what you fear. Remember storms make the trees take deeper roots. Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can because life is about creating and experiencing. There is always something to learn no matter how old you get. Always do your best for what you plant now you will harvest later.

And finally don’t chase people, popularity or success. Rather be yourself, do your own things and work real hard. Fame, Success and the right people - the ones who really belong in your life will come to you and stay. God Bless you.

Ms. Preema Noronha